How My Practise Has Changed - Part 2


This blog series focuses on things I have learned (so far!) in my 20 years of practise, particularly what I’ve changed my mind about over the years.

Part 2: Iron needs to be the first building block for treating fatigue and tiredness.

Some tiredness and fatigue cannot be overcome with vitamins, herbs, adequate sleep, and good eating. If the foundation nutrient iron is not at high enough levels no other intervention can have sustainable effects. I have found this is is true for people of all ages and genders; no amount of sleep, rest, holidays, or taking it easy, replenishes someones energy levels, including when depression or another serious disease is ruled out.

My initial training leaned heavily towards treating adrenal glands and liver, which are valuable to support, but often not enough as ongoing treatment. I’ve learned that I needed to look deeper, and that supporting a tired body is very important throughout the process of having iron other nutrient levels assessed.

Throughout my career I have completed extra study on how to interpret and utilise blood test results, and this has meant my clients get better faster, with easy treatment  and protocols for duration of use, and how to maintain iron levels. It is wonderful to see people get well from simple treatment, that is often not addressed or known about. Many clients love to learn it, and I love sharing the knowledge.

@moorhousecreative has been taking a lot of photos of Australian birds these past few months and this sleepy Tawny Frogmouth was just too perfect not to use for this blog. Thanks!