How My Practise Has Changed - Part 1


This blog series focuses on things I have learned (so far!) in my 20 years of practise, particularly what I’ve changed my mind about over the years.

Part 1: Sharing in knowledge is different from giving information.

When I started out I used to think I was an information-based health service provider; that clients come to see me for information, and I tell them what to do. Understatement - this was a very rigid way of practising! Thanks goodness I found my way out of this style!

I have learned to approach healthcare with my clients, to work with them and their current habits and needs to help them grow in a way that is interesting and sustainable for them personally. This aspect of my work feels very creative as we work together because everyone is different and it is so important to accept what steps people are able and willing to integrate into their lives. I always want to guide people towards their very best health, but giving blanket advice that works in ideal situations is just not realistic for most people.

It is much better to empower and give confidence to patients, by helping them find the way to health and wellbeing by their actions  in their day to day living, like cooking, sleeping enough, and doing some physical activity like yoga. Sharing knowledge with a client can range from learning how to cook a casserole, to making some easy nutritious dips, or developing clear understanding of the first signs of them getting sick and what to begin ASAP to minimise or stop any infection.

Sharing and developing a rich understanding of foods and the specific nutrient content is now a core part of my practise. I work to encourage clients to cook certain meals to get particular nutrients, for example; seafood and seaweeds, rich in iodine, an essential mineral for our thyroid gland function.  I teach the how of easy recipes; how to use this food to work with your health, including how to make the recipe, some variations, and how often certain foods should be eaten. Ensuring clients feel understood and validated, makes for wonderful ease as we collaborate, that I am certainly richer for, always in sharing my knowledge.

A big thanks to @moorhousecreative for taking this photo of me in the garden.