Naturopathy for Healthy Gums


I had my 6 monthly dental check-up recently which went very well, and it has inspired me to write this blog.

Gums can change at any stage of life. They suffer if they are not getting the nutrients and care they need, and may develop issues that lead to teeth problems. Gum issues can be indicative of other health issues and should always be taken seriously.

At a previous check, my dentist said I needed to address some gum recession and gingivitis. These are very common issues, but need to be addressed with regular flossing. It was disappointing to learn that my gums were not as good as they had been before.

After this, I really put my mind to enhancing my gum tissue integrity in the following 6 months as I don’t want to suffer any consequences of ignorance and denial on my part. My gums have responded well and my surprised dentist said keep up whatever I have been doing.

In my practice, I see people who need help with gum issues, but many do not know that naturopathy can help! Yes it can, powerfully. I have had some great outcomes in gum treatment with clients including reversing gum health issues and having clients avoid gum graft surgery!! Help with healthy intact gums has has eased a lot of pain and saved thousands of dollars for my clients.

Here are some easy steps I took to get great results:

  • Nuts - half a cup of raw mixed nuts per day
  • Foods high in vitamin c and bioflavanoids (tissue support) eg. kiwi fruit
  • Preserved fermented foods, chutney/preserved lemons and limes
  • Olives with pips
  • No alcohol      
  • Foods high in CoEnzyme Q10. 
  • Eggs, lots 6-8 weekly free range organic pasture roaming hens
  • Greens-all varieties of green vegetables, with lemon or vinegar dressing and olive oil 
  • Using cuts of meat with bones and chewy bits of joints etc for slow cook or roasting
  • Hummus and tzatziki - see my blogs for recipes, half a cup of each per week minimum
  • Limit caffeine based drinks- one tea and one coffee per day max!
  • Limit sweets to a single square of 85% cacao chocolate daily
  • Some supplements of  powdered Vitamin C, with bioflavanoids and zinc, CoEnzyme Q10
  • Probiotic

If you’re wanting support with your gums, whether it is bleeding gums, mouth ulcers, gingivitis or receeding gums please book in to come and see me.

Thanks to @moorhousecreative for the creative seal teeth photography.