How My Practise Has Changed - Part 3


This blog series focuses on things I have learned (so far!) in my 20 years of practise, particularly what I’ve changed my mind about over the years.

Part 3: From reductionist to expansionist!

I’m sure you are seeing a theme in these posts; growing, expanding, developing,…

My training was really great, it gave me many fabulous resources that I still reach for now, and I made so many connections with peers that are still going strong today, but it was limited in the usual ways of tertiary courses. I think the apprenticeship begins when we start practising. Well, mine did….

I used to think and was taught, that some ailments were best managed with reduced dietary intake of certain food things. Candida, thrush and irritable bowel come to mind, many clients come in saying they improved initially on a reduced/restricted dietary intake, but then the symptom began to be more and more obvious again, interfering with quality of life.  To try and manage their symptoms their lives gets reduced; smaller and smaller, as it is harder to eat over at friends homes, and eat out, or travel away from home.

This change, I think, has been one of the biggest and most important; a real overhaul in approach! In collaboration with my clients and their medical and allied practitioners- improvements without restrictions is possible in many situations. It is often such a relief for clients, who have believed restriction was the only path, and they are usually overjoyed when I show them they may live an expanded life with a different approach, it sometimes just takes a little thinking outside of the box. Finding confidence eating out again, and travelling as they once enjoyed, with no or low symptoms, is delightful to hear about!

A big thanks to @moorhousecreative for photographing these delightful apples in the garden.