How to Blend your own Spreadable Butter


Hmm butter, you’re so delicious and creamy, and even better when you are blended with organic plant based oils and made easy to spread on toast! This is another recipe for which I have to thank to the women of my family. This and many other home recipes like it is partly why I became a naturopath.

Most supermarket bought spreadable butters and margarines are usually full of additives and rubbish oils. Including more plant oils in our diets is very beneficial for our nervous system, skin, cardiovascular system, and increasing our good cholesterol. Make your own, with this easy recipe, and enjoy knowing what all the ingredients are.

I’ve tried a number of different plant oils to blend with the butter, and found almond oil to be very neutral in flavour. Use a 2:1 ratio of Organic butter (room temperature) and organic almond oil, blend until smooth in a blender or food processor. Store in refrigerator. I usually make enough for a month at a time.

A big thanks to @moorhousecreative for the photography!